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Japan: The Big 3
A 9 day trip to Japan
An unfathomable exploration of Japan through its three most important cities, this journey is an ideal experience for first-timers willing to discover the wonders of Japan. Guests will unravel the secrets of 'The Big 3' through a one-to-one interaction with its people, and its gastronomy, while visiting the key locations of Japanese culture and history.
  • Harajuku, Akihabara,Ginza district, tour of Shinjuku
  • Explore Pachinko parlors, neon-lit Izakayas
  • Michelin-starred Sushi Restaurant Experience (Not Sushi Jiro)
  • Ascend to the fifth summit of Mt. Fuji
  • Feast of Ramen or Yakitori
  • Private Tsukiji Fish Market guide & Sushi Making Master Class
  • Zen Gardening Lesson
  • First hand Geisha experience and tea ceremony
  • Kaiseki Meal in a Ryokan
  • Osaka's foodie landmarks
  • Kuidaore or 'eating oneself to ruin' dining experience
  • Haishin Tigers (Baseball game)
  • Microbreweries of Osaka
  • Tokyo (3.5 days) - The Neighborhood of Harajuku, Akihabara.,Ginza district, tour of Shinjuku,explore Pachinko parlors, neon-lit Izakayas,ExploreSensoji and Meiji Temples,Shinkansen 'bullet train' to Nikko, 'Three Wise Monkeys', Visit 'Three Wise Monkeys', Dine at Sushi restaurants Travel to Hakone and Mt. Fuji: visit Murayama SengenJinja Temple, ascend to the fifth summit of Mt. Fuji, hearty feast of Ramen, or Yakitori, guided tour of the Tsukiji fish market, sample freshly caught & prepared sushi
  • Kyoto (3.5 days) - tour of Kyoto's beautiful Zen gardens, authentic Kyoto Geisha experience, guided tour of the Golden Pavilion,temple of KiyomizuDera, sample the Kaiseki cuisine ,a private guide for the bamboo forests of Arashiyama,exploreTenryu-JiTemple,depart on Shinkansen bullet train for Nara, explore wooden temple of Todai-ji, Hike up to Mt. Inari: Torii Gates of Mt. Fushima Inari Shrine
  • Osaka (2 days) - view of Osaka on Tempozan Ferris, Visit Osaka Aquarium, introduce you to the concept of Kuidaore or 'eating oneself to ruin', explore Osaka Castle, tour will wind through the district of Doguyasuji, Japanese street food , Either watch Osaka Haishin Tigers baseball game, or to the pub Beer Belly
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