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Australia and New Zealand Vacation Package
13 day trip to Australia & New Zealand
Stand still in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef and let the eclectic fish swarm around you in a whirlwind of color. Flamboyant birds of the rain forest sing in the dense canopy. The solitude of Milford Sound's silent beauty will soothe you. The lakeshore city of Queenstown opens its arms to you as you lift up a mountain on a stunning gondola ride. Designed for2016-2017, this 13-day trip through Australia and New Zealand is where the incredible beauty of these two countries collides into one amazing experience.
  • Explore the colorful Great Barrier Reef
  • Travel through the lush Australian Rainforest
  • Learn to play the soothing hum of the didgeridoo
  • Explore the diversity of Auckland's numerous islands, from extinct volcanoes to rich vineyards
  • Experience the diversity of Polynesian Culture at the Auckland Museum
  • Watch Queenstown expand as you reach Bob's Peak on a scenic gondola ride
  • Relax and rejuvenate with a lakeside spa treatment in Queenstown
  • Cruise through Milford Sound, the serene fjord of the Southern Hemisphere
  • (Day 1) Depart INDIA
  • (Day 2) Cross the International Dateline
  • (Day 3) Arrive in Cairns
  • (Day 4) Explore the Great Barrier Reef
  • (Day 5) Travel to Kuranda
  • (Day 6) Depart for Auckland
  • (Day 7) Explore the beauty of Auckland
  • (Day 8) See Auckland's Surroundings
  • (Day 9) Journey to Queenstown
  • (Day 10)Explore the mountains of Queenstown's
  • (Day 11)Relax in one of Queenstown's beautiful spas
  • (Day 12)Traverse Milford Sound
  • (Day 13)Depart for INDIA
Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Kuranda, Auckland, Queenstown
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PRICE: INR 257400 Per Person
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